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Apple Sidra Vase

Apple Sidra Vase

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Vase in the shape of an iconic Apple Sidra can!

DISCOUNTED: Piece is marked down due to the green underglaze turning out slightly lighter than I'd like. Aesthetics matter :P, still cute tho :) 

SF PICK-UP: You may opt to pick up this item or have it delivered (by me!) the week of Nov 13 if you live in SF or South SF. If the latter, you must be home and able to receive this in-person. If you would like to do a pick-up or complimentary drop-off, please reply to your order email within 24 hours of receipt. Your shipping fees will be refunded to you when you successfully receive your item IRL!  :) 


❀ Piece is fully functional and watertight as a vase. 

❀ Dimensions: 2.1"diameter, 5.1"h 

❀ Pricing commensurate with the complexity and time taken to create this piece

❀ Ceramic stoneware, glazed and fired to cone 5


As each piece is handmade, there will be slight variations and imperfections from piece to piece, please see product photographs. All sales are final. If a piece arrives damaged from shipping, please contact within 24 hours of delivery with a description and photographs of your piece.


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