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Capybara Figurine — 03, Yuzu

Capybara Figurine — 03, Yuzu

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Cap-y-barraaaa! This cutie little capybara figurine has a yuzu on its rotund little head, probably snagged from the closest hot springs. With light tan fur and a sleepy sort of expression (very cute though), sweet capy is ready for a wholesome and simple life of bathing in the yuzu hot springs and napping. 


❀ Approx 1.75" x 2.25" x 2.5h"

Each capybara piece has been slipcast, customized with an accessory or feature (eg. yuzu, bud vase, etc), and underglazed in our SF-based studio! 

❀ Made with stoneware and glazed to cone 6. 

As each piece is handmade, there will be slight variations and imperfections from piece to piece, please see product photographs. All sales are final. If a piece arrives damaged from shipping, please contact within 24 hours of delivery with a description and photographs of your piece.


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