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Capybara Propagation Pot — 02

Capybara Propagation Pot — 02

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The viral sensation that swept the capybaras' hot springs-filled nation. This capybara propagation pot has two primary functions.

First and foremost, you can pour water into the tub, allowing capy to calmly relax amidst a pool of "floating" lemons. It's super cute as a table-top art object (I love pouring the water directly onto the capy's round little head, as though it's at the spa).

Second, plant propagations can be placed around the tub, using the strategically placed lemons and platform underneath the capy as counterbalances. In doing so, it looks like the capybara is peacefully relaxing in a lush, leafy pond — all the while, your plants grow! 

Capybara 🤝 ceramics 🤝 houseplants


SF PICK-UP: You may opt to pick up this item or have it delivered (by me!) the week of Nov 13 if you live in SF or South SF. If the latter, you must be home and able to receive this in-person. If you would like to do a pick-up or complimentary drop-off, please reply to your order email within 24 hours of receipt. Your shipping fees will be refunded to you when you successfully receive your item IRL! I will also be able to include free plant props from my personal houseplant collection if we go this route. :) 

DISCOUNTED: This is a "singing" capybara — when you shake it, you can hear a pinging sound of a piece that's inside the hollow capybara. Feature or flaw, that's up to you. :)


Each capybara piece has been slipcast, customized with a unique underglazed colorway, and glazed in our SF-based studio! 

❀ Each capybara propagation pot comes with the pot and a white coaster to put underneath. 

❀ Approx 4.25"diameter x 2"h

❀ Do not microwave or use in dishwasher. Item is water-tight but not suitable for food.

❀ Made with stoneware and glazed to cone 6. 

Capybara 3D model by: Christina Young
Capybara 3D print by: Jeffrey Lin


As each piece is handmade, there will be slight variations and imperfections from piece to piece, please see product photographs. All sales are final. If a piece arrives damaged from shipping, please contact within 24 hours of delivery with a description and photographs of your piece.

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