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Clover Wall Vase 04 — Jade green

Clover Wall Vase 04 — Jade green

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This clover wall vase is in one of my favorite shapes — a clover with a square cut-out. It features three holds through which a flower or plant can be slipped through, displaying the stems elegantly through the cut-out in the middle. In a way, it's like a variation on the "donut vase" concept, only in this unique shape that's a common motif in East Asian and Chinese art culture. 

You can also hang this up without a flower inside — I think it looks equally as elegant on its own on the wall. 

This piece is not water-tight — the inside is unglazed. As such, only dried flowers should be displayed with this vase.


SECONDS: This vase features some slight lighter discoloration on the right side, as well as a small, 2 cm hairline crack on the left (the crack has been filled in + sealed with glaze). It's glazed with a mossy green crackle glaze. 


❀ Dimensions: 1.25” depth, 5”x5” width and height (5.5” diagonal, if measuring from the long side from the tip to tip of the petals)

❀ Weight: .8lbs

❀ Mounting instructions: mount to wall with a nail or screw. The vases with the square cut-out in the middle require 1 nail, and the vases with the diamond cut-out require 2 nails. I will include in your package the relevant number of nails that your order requires that are suitable for mounting on drywall.

I'll also email you mounting instructions along with a short, <5 min video that I made on an easy way to mount the 2-nail vases. If you are mounting on a different type of wall, eg concrete or brick / etc, you'll need the appropriate masonry-rated hardware. 

This is my personal opinion, but I highly recommend that you not use adhesives like command strips to mount these, and ceramics in general. This is a precious and very limited edition art piece that you're paying good money to acquire, why risk it! 



As each piece is handmade, there will be slight variations and imperfections from piece to piece, please see product photographs. All sales are final. If a piece arrives damaged from shipping, please contact within 24 hours of delivery with a description and photographs of your piece.


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