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Moon Jar — Light Pink

Moon Jar — Light Pink

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A vase inspired by the iconic Korean moon jar. Historically, moon jars were created with a small foot, a wide neck, and a round body to give the impression of "floating" — like the moon, elegant in its simplicity. In my rendition, I've designed my version of a moon jar first in Illustrator, and then 3D printed and slipcast this piece.  

SECONDS: This item is not water-tight, and thus should only be used to contain dried flowers. The glaze is a glossy, light crackle pink.


❀ Approx 4.75"tall and 5" in diameter. 

❀ Materials: Handmade stoneware, with a glazed finish.

As each piece is handmade, there will be slight variations and imperfections from piece to piece, please see product photographs. All sales are final. If a piece arrives damaged from shipping, please contact within 24 hours of delivery with a description and photographs of your piece.


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